About Me - Mark Peterson Photography

Behind the Lens.

A Bit About Me.

Hello and welcome.

I’m an aspiring, award-winning photographer looking to capture land and seascapes in their rawest, most impressive states.

Getting a shot I'm happy with is more often than not the product of a period of considerable planning and importantly, patience. I find the challenge of researching and scouting locations, weighing up shot angles whilst perched on a rocky shoreline and simply sitting and waiting for the perfect moment the ideal antithesis to our unnecessarily hectic, rush-rush, 24 hour lives. If the elements don't combine to give a decent shot, you can always just sit and admire the view. 

My images, like most, they are the subject to a small degree of post-processing. My overriding intention is to always produce a 100% honest interpretation of what my eyes saw at the time of shooting. Lenses and modern day DLSR sensors are wonderful things but they don’t trump the human eye, so I edit images mainly to bring the light levels in the under/over exposed parts of the frame up to what it originally looked like on the day. Once I get myself some graduated NDs then there'll be even less post-processing!

Thank you for finding my site and I hope you enjoy my work.

What's in the Bag?

For those interested, currently my kit includes: Nikon D7000 // Nikkor 18-200mm // Tokina 11-16mm // MeFoto Tripod // ND filters

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